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Chapter - 1

Live Jazz - Two sets

Open this page for printable set play lists.

Autumn Leaves - Miles Davis

This tune is often quoted as an example of a cycle of fourths progression or fifths depending on which way round you are spinning.
I recently came across this version with Chet Baker & Paul Desmond


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Yusef Lateef Morning - 16 bar blues theme

Solo 16 bar blues scale theme


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Eddie Harris Rice Pudding

Eddie Harris - Strong and original blues theme.


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Fetish - Not found on YouTube!

An 16 bar 5/4 theme on flute. Open page for sheet music and to play the audio.


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Les Yeux Noires

Les Yeux Noirs (1947) by Reinhardt, Django


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Clark's Bars

I came across this on a CD recommended to me in Bristol Market. The man on the JAzz stall knew I was after nice melodic blues lines and this is one. Note the chromatic accidental in the head. Simple and elegant.


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Nature Boy

Can be played on solo unaccompanied saxophone. Sparse piano or guitar accompaniment works well too


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In a Sentimental Mood

Duke Ellington band. As played by John Coltrane.


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So many versions of this standard. Best to pack it with original bursts like Artie Shaw!
  1. Artie Shaw
  2. Miles Davis
  3. Chet Baker


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Dexter Gordon:
I liked Booby Wellin's version of this. I saw him live in the Marlowe Jazz club. Sher Music, The Standards Real Book, Page 223


Smooth Latin groove. Where did this originate from?

Grand Large

Diatonic patterns on flute. Changing the basic motif or riff pattern on a 16 bar cycle


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Some nice sounds from this band. I'm more familiar with the Ellington band's version


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Afro Blue

Mongo Santamaria first recorded his composition "Afro Blue" in 1959, when playing with Cal Tjader's band, Cal Tjader Sextet - Concert by the Sea, Part 1 (Fantasy). The first recorded performance of the piece, recorded live on April 20, 1959, at the Sunset Auditorium in Carmel, California, with composer Mongo Santamaría on percussion.

The first jazz standard built upon a typical African 3:2 cross-rhythm, or hemiola. The song begins with the bass repeatedly playing 6 cross-beats per measure of 12/8, or 6 cross-beats per 4 main beats—6:4 (two cells of 3:2). The following example shows the original ostinato "Afro Blue" bass line. The slashed noteheads indicate the main beats (not bass notes), where you would normally tap your foot to "keep time."


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Yusef Lateef - The Golden Flute

D - minor modal feeling.


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Le Petite Cheval Mopse

Diatonic patterns on flute. Changing the basic motif or riff pattern on a 16 bar cycle Your browser does not support the audio tag.


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Willow Weep For Me

Bobby Wellins Gig in Marlowe


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Chapter - 2

Yusef Lateef - Slippin' & Slidin'

A good set starter, because it's quite a simple stomp in a simple minor key. All the piano white notes. Easy piano chords but the B-diminished is not so straight forward on guitar, to make shuffle along nicely, and so alternative "simple" guitar chords might be needed.


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Take Five

This tune is in 5/4 time in the E-flat minor key. Just two chords apart from a bridge which is a cycle of fourths.
Concert Eb | Bb
Bb Sax part F | C
E-flat minor is a minor scale consisting of the pitches E♭, F, G♭, A♭, B♭, C♭, and D♭. In the harmonic minor, the D♭ is raised to D♮. Its key signature consists of six flats.
It could be easier on flute, but might sound better on soprano sax


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Hadouk - Didier Malherbe & Loy Ehrlich

From the superb album Hadouk


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"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" (1966)

The FCSB will play from an arrangement "As played by Buddy Rich". Cannonball Aderley also has a fine version of this soulful groove.


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Matt Dennis - Angel Eyes

FCSB are playing the Matt Harris arrangement. Real Book has a version too


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Also - Real Book 1 page 63


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I'm A Fool To Want You

I liked Booby Wellin's version of this. I saw him live in the Marlowe Jazz club. Sher Music, The Standards Real Book, Page 223


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Manha de Carnaval

Stan Getz. Real Book Two , Page 177 Luis Bonfa


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The Shadow of your Smile

Real Book III page 291
Here's a couple of interesting versions.


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El Luxo So

Latin tune


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Andy NARELL Live at La NOTE BLEUE 'Kalinda'

Latin Real Book Page 257. Also on the sample CD. Steel drums, but could have a similar effect on flute.


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Without You

Harry Nilsson hit from 1972 ish


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This Masquerade

The Carpenters' version of "This Masquerade" written by Leon Russell was released as a single and also included on their 1973 A&M LP, Now & Then , available on CD and found in The Essential Collection: (1965-1997), Carpenters Anthology, and Gold -- Greatest Hits (35thAnniversary Edition)


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John Cameron "Go away come back another day" from album "Off centre"

A modern sounding flute tune from Harold McNair


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John Cameron Quartet - Wenceslas Square

Another Harold McNair flute tune


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Chapter - 3

Scrapple from the Apple

Bop, they called it. Charlie Parker! I had the Stitt Plays Bird album years ago in the 70s. I loved it. It had KoKo on it too and a load of Bop greats


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Au Privave - Charlie Parker

One of Charlie Parker's most well known bop tunes


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Little Suede Shoes

I often played the Sonny Stitt version when I was about twenty. Here's Charlie Parker too


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I used to play this in my Hythe house on the old Champion Alto. I don't alto these days, do it's have to go onto Tenor.


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Chapter - 99

Early Autumn - Stan Getz

As played by Stan Getz. Refer to Real Book One Page 72


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Gerry Mulligan - Bernie's Tune

Real book one - Page 17 (Based on this Gerry Mulligan version
This tune is quite a challenge because not only does it feature low notes, right down to the bottom B-flat, but these notes are also quite fast. Get the rhythmic repeat at the start of the tune accurately. Exact repeat running into four rising quarter notes.
Bernies Tune Trumpet music


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Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk

Strangely, Blue Monk does not appear in Real books 1-3 or my other fake books!


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Chapter - 999

Black Orpheus

Stan Getz plays this one.


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