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The first set is not so much the first st before the break, but more a set of material to be played without charts. It could be the first actual set played before the break or the entire gig as it should become the strongest material.
Chim Chim Cher-eeTenor
Midnight VoyageD minorTenor
Clark's BarsSop
Les Yeux NoirFlute
Nature BoySop
In a Sentimental MoodTenor
SummertimeEb minorSop4/4
Afro BlueGmSop3/4
Golden FluteDmFlute
Willow Weep for MeATenor
Scrapple from the AppleGSop
My Little Suede ShoesCSop
Strawberry FieldsAC#Flute+4/4

Chapter - 1 First Set

Chapter - 2 Second Set

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