Big Issues Current Version biscuits-14s

  1. Release Notes for biscuits-14s
  2. There are a set of tests in the public_html/biscuits-14s/features containing system tests. Click this button to look at these. Check all features
  3. Check config settings for

Current Faults

  1. Stripper
    Strip with TLC
  2. Tutoring
    1. Share pages so that they appear on SIDs profile under My Work etc., ( Sees to work but might need checking on )
  3. Student Profile Areas
      Vocabulary notes page with class="lookup" to link to the dictionary.
  4. Questions and assignments
    1. All types of submitted work now within the same database Table set
      Need to work on this to prepare Oleg and Ropnet for the wordties app
  5. EnglishTap
    1. ET Daily Cartoon ?!
    1. PGN Portable Game Notation - Chess etc., does not render diagrams. Check the JS is all loaded properly. Red borders around diagrams means the position was not rendered by JS properly.
    2. Radio Audio
      When there are multiple mp3 audio files in a content area folder, we should render a "show player" where you select a show. When a show plays images and links can show according to the timer New view browse-directory-audio.php
      1. Need to be able to share and post a link with get method data to load the audio and set the timer. This could be in the monitor.
    3. browse->showDirectory should be a view file call from this view controller
    4. Must have a content file uploader working.
      Then anyone can operate their own site by simply uploading all the content through the web pages.
    5. Need to be able to switch directories for application content on subdomain for testing a new version. Content to be thought of as part of the version of a new package.
  7. Chat
    1. Use OG IMAGE when a link is posted in the chat
      This caused the whole chat to crash when I posted a facebook link. Take a look at this !!!
    2. New rules for chat message visibility - Eg friends (But what if a friend answers another who is not my friend !!?? )
    3. Click on a user in chat to send a private message
    4. Notifications There are no notifications. Perhaps these should appear when we first visit the home page.
    5. Posting links should show OG Image
    6. Language switches not working in chat loaded help views etc., (LW) 2016-05-31 For now we always show only the main language. This is a quick fix, achieved by adding a <script> tag to the bottom of some important chat help. - Later we need a proper job done on chat language switching.
      1. Make sure that $this->lang is passed into the chat PHP classes in a way that works with biShowMainLanguage(); function in biscuits-language.js
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91 __construct Chat closed for a private lesson right now. Please come back later
40 chatEngine.php crashLeon APPLICATION : /home/leonwool/public_html/applications/leonwooldridge

Chat Settings - Obj Vars

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