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Tunes and Keys

Tune Guitar Key Guitar Signature Bb Horns Key Horns Key Signature
1 I feel Good D IMG E IMG
2 Signed Sealed Delivered I'm yours F #F G G
3 I heard it through the Grapevine Eb Eb F F
4 Valerie D IMG E IMG
5 Superstition E IMG Gb IMG
Originally Eb but transposed for easier guitar version. Not a problem as we play other tunes in E concert key.
6 Hold On, I'm coming Gb F# IMG Ab Ab
7 Mr Big Stuff Eb Eb F F
8 Long Train Runnin' Fm Fm Gm IMG
9 Chain of Fools A IMG B IMG
10 I Can't Stand Rain G G A A
11 Take me to the River E IMG Gb IMG
12 Sweet Home Chicago E IMG Gb IMG
Grapevine C#, Hard to Handle G, Midnight Hour E, Nowhere to Run F Show Me C, Unchain My Heart Am, Dark End of Street G, Get Ready Cm Grits E flat, Mr Pitiful (C), Soul Man E, Mustang C, Gimme Some Loving E, Play that Funky music (E) Piece of my heart (Eb), Try a Little Tenderness E

Chapter - 1

I Got You! It Feels Good - (James Brown)

James Brown - D ##
Tenor saxes = E #### ( I feel good! E,F#,E,F#,E,F#,E Semitone shuffle = nah nah nah nah nah nah nah )


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I heard it through the grape vine

Marvin Gay. We transpose it down key from the original Eb to Db, so Horns are now in Eb rather than F!! Eb is a difficult guitar key and often avoided but we are hitting it for this tune. Transpose he charts down a tone
The horn lines are similar to the vocal lines but more under them and supporting them.


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Valerie -

Steve Winwood Horn riffs...


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Superstition - Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Superstition. Horn riffs...


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Hold on I'm Coming

Sam and Dave - Hold on I'm coming Soul music


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Mr Big Stuff

Mr Big Stuff. Jean Knight Soul music


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Long Train - Em

Doobie Brothers


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Chain of Fools -

Aretha Franklin - Chain chain chain ...


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I Can't Stand he Rain

I Can't stand the rain


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Take me to the River -

Al Green-Take Me To The River. Concert - E major
Horns F# Riff E C# E higher F#..... E C# F lower F#


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Vehicle - Ides of March

Concert key - Eb
Tenor Saxes = F
See the sheet music


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Chapter - 2

Mustang Sally

Concert key = C
Tenor Saxes =


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Midnight Hour - Wilson Picket

Wilson Picket Soul music


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